ProActive Interventions

Are you tired of anxiously waiting for your loved one to hit bottom?  Are you wondering what that will involve- jail, hospitalization, sexual assault, or death?  You don't need to wait any longer. Hitting bottom & intervention are alike in that they interrupt unsatisfactory patterns of living due to substance abuse and/or mental illness.  The difference between them are that hitting bottom is most often dangerous, unexpected & chaotic, while professional interventions get your loved one willing to make safer proactive decisions.

  • Independent recommendations based on clinical needs. Our recommendations are based on recent, first-hand, clinical knowledge of all the options.  One size treatment does NOT fit all.
  • Interventions can be accomplished privately & gently. We have never forced a loved one into homelessness in order to get them willing to get help
  • There are many types of interventions (not what you see on TV)
  • High-risk consultations for co-occurring disorders (psychiatric, substance abuse, behavioral, process addictions and co-occurring disorders).
  • Assistance for the entire family throughout the recovery process.
  • Professional & respectful transport services.
  • Adolescent transport to treatment without surprise attack or restraining. Families have a particularly incredible opportunity to break the cycle early in adolescents and young adults by doing it right the first time!
  • Locate missing loved ones.
  • Violent or abusive situations handled with specialty training that is solution oriented rather than punitive based. Off duty law enforcement available when appropriate.

ProActive Interventions was founded by Susan Rosovsky with main offices in the Atlanta and South Florida areas allowing easy access to major airports.  Susan Rosovsky is truly a professional interventionist with impeccable credentials, training, and experience.  Intervention is a very specialized field and we are committed to your long term success.

ProActive Interventions was created to provide professional, clinical intervention with families in crisis world-wide who are dealing with substance abuse and/or psychiatric problems. We provide comprehensive intervention support custom designed for the unique needs of the entire family as well as your loved one.